Jet Partners


AVCOM-D business aviation center was established for servicing flights of that type in Domodedovo International Airport. In order to sustain the full-fledged terminal reputation in Domodedovo AVCOM-D has organized and manages the highly comfortable passenger terminal.


The range of services provided by AVCOM-D business aviation center has been developed to ensure an individual approach and to meet any requests of each client. Business aviation in Domodedovo means spacious aprons at the European level and fully equipped hangars for servicing business aircraft.


AVCOM-D and Jet Partners.


AVCOM-D business aviation center provides an opportunity for an individual approach to any client! We will offer the flight terms and conditions most suitable for you, will take care of your comfort and safety during your flight. With our help you will be able to adjust the flight and departure time. We guarantee that with our participation your air trips will be most comfortable and the time spent in the air will be most efficient.


If you have not yet had a chance to use the AVCOM-D business aviation center’s services, we will be happy to see you in our office and will assist you with any questions and concerns about organizing a private air trip.


We have at our disposal a full fleet of business aircraft that can be used for flights of any complexity. Service for all flights is of the highest possible quality and all clients, having utilized our services and seeing for themselves all the advantages, come to us again and again. We are waiting for your calls.


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